It doesnt have to be Christmas to want a Polar Express Train Set. This set became popular in 2004, after the movie came out around the holidays. However, you can only watch a movie and read a book so many times. There becomes a point when you need to start recreating the story and making up your own traditions. This is where the Lionel Polar Express Train comes into play.

Customers of the Polar Express Train Set can be adults or children. It was created from the popular Caldecott Award-winning book, Polar Express, and it has many people falling in love with the creative set. While the suggested age is for those over eight, a lot of fun can happen for those younger when they are playing with their parents. Parents also like it because it is easy to put together.

The train set assembles easily, from the setting up of the track to the smooth linking of the cars. The parts of the Polar Express Train Set are durable and heavy. This includes the transformer that powers the train set, especially with its huge throttle for little hands to be able to easily operate. It also helps that everything is well crafted and designed, making rough housing more manageable. The train set will last for years to come and will become a wonderful tradition for you and your family.

The other reason is how well the details are displayed all over the train. Children of all ages will love the smoke fluid that can be added or the puffs of smoke that comes out as the train chugs along the track. Plus, the retro styling, working headlight and interior lighting also help users enjoy the set. The track is 60 inches long and about 40 inches wide, which isn t necessarily big, but more pieces can be purchased to mold the track in any shape or length that you desire. There are also four figurines that match the movie, making it easier to imagine the train in the movie. This is necessary for every child to be able to recreate the Polar Express to their own preference.

There are a few issues other customers have discovered with the Polar Express Train. The instructions dont mention the train needs to be well charged before it runs down the track. The owner must figure out how to drive the train, especially if no ones driven one before. This will not take long to master, but you should be aware of these things before you purchase.